Data Analysis

Use the powerful Data Analysis Tool to interact with your data. Understand the trends and patterns in your data to get the most from Clarity Human Services.

Looker Data Models

  • Looker Data Models - Overview

    Bitfocus has built five different data models for data analysis using Looker: Coordinated Entry Analysis across a continuum Designed to work with Coordinated Entry features from Clarity Human Services Only available with standalone Looker license Client Model - Beta Similar to HMIS Performance, however does not require project enrollment to be included in the model More information in the Client Model article ...

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  • LSA Data Quality Errors Look

    The following instructions will provide a quick Look at the data quality problems that will be reported in the LSA. The Look will cast a wide net. But these are basic data quality problems that should be resolved. To develop a more exact report, review the LSA specifications. For this article, keeping it simple is the goal. Explore - Data Quality Model FieldsAdd the following fields to the Look: Personal ID (C...

  • HMIS Performance Model

    The HMIS Performance model is loosely based on the HUD HMIS CSV/XML table structure and requires a project enrollment to be included in this model. There is also an automatic Enrollments Reporting Period filter to limit the amount of information searched at once. It is default set to 1 quarter, but can be easily adjusted to capture any time period desired. The HMIS Performance Model is organized into several fo...

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  • Client Model - Beta

    Purpose Bitfocus has created the Client Model to allow for analysis across the various ways clients may come in contact with the Continuum of Care system. Clients where only an initial intake (profile screen) was done Assessments like the VI-SPDAT Enrollments Services The model is designed to give insight into: Non-HMIS analysis For those communities that utilize Clarity Human Services for purposes other than ...

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  • Data Quality Model

    Overview This model provides easy-to-use calculations of data quality performance for all HMIS data elements. Like the HMIS Performance Model, the Data Quality Model is based on project enrollments. For convenience, some of the dimensions from HMIS Performance are included in this model and mirror the structure of HMIS Performance. This model will immediately reflect changes in Clarity. As corrections to the data ...

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  • Reservations Model

    Overview The objective of the Reservations model is to allow reporting on information from the Reservation Management System including: Ability to see all reservation slots for all dates in the recent past or near future Ability to show which reservation slots have reservations Ability to see client data associated with reservations, including whether or not the client showed up for the reservation Previously, R...

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Looker Resources

  • Learning Looker Data Analysis Tool

      The Data Analysis Tool allows you to interact with your data in order to understand its trends and patterns to get the most of Clarity Human Services. This tool also enables you to present your data in a digestible, understandable format to funders and other stakeholders. Oftentimes, valuable information will be hidden within HMIS data, undetectable by even the most sophisticated reports. Many organizati...

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  • Clarity Data Analysis Basic Skills Training

    Data Analysis training is limited to users with a Clarity Human Services Agency Manager license. An overview of how the data is structured in Clarity Data Analysis and how to use the Clarity Data Analysis interface will be reviewed. This is a pre-recorded webinar which covers basic skills. We recommend that users view this webinar as a first step to mastering Clarity Data Analysis. Before viewing the webinar, plea...

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  • Looker - Clarity Human Services Integration

    This section discusses using Looker within Clarity Human Services. Custom reporting using Looker is at your fingertips in Clarity Human Services: Users must have Access Rights to the data analysis functions in order to access these features. This can be managed by clicking on Launch Pad  > Setup > Access Roles. Access Rights: Data Analysis Data Analysis Save - allows user to save Looks Aggregate Data Anal...

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