Data Integration and Migration

Find all the tools and resources you need to support data integration and migration projects within Clarity Human Services.

Importing Data

  • Introduction to Using the Data Import Tool (DIT)

    This article explains how to access and configure the Clarity Data Import Tool (DIT). Accessing the Data Import Tool To access the Data Import Tool (DIT), your Clarity user account must be assigned a role that has been configured to allow access.  To use the DIT for importing data, click the Launchpad icon  and select Data Import.   Advanced Options Once the user has accessed the Data Import Tool, there are a num...

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  • Importing Data Using the Data Import Tool (DIT)

    This article walks the user through the steps of importing a file using the Data Import Tool (DIT). For a high level walkthrough of the Data Import Tool, including settings and descriptions of the various screens, please review the Introduction to Using the Data Import Tool article. Performing an Import The Clarity Data Import Tool (DIT) will accept data in the 6.1 version of HMIS CSV or XML.  For further document...

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  • Importing Data Using the XML API Import Tool

    Welcome to our RESTful XML API Import tool. This tool has been developed to allow importing of household information, client demographics, program participation, and service transactions. The HUD XML 6.1 Schema Documentation can be found at: Additional Resources can be found at:  HMIS XML Schema Overview (pdf)

Exporting Data

  • Exporting HUD CSV & XML Data

    This article covers the process of exporting HUD HMIS CSV and XML data from Clarity. Exporting data from the Clarity system is accomplished using the [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export report available in the reporting area.  The exported data is formatted in HUD CSV or XML.  For more information on the specifications of these data formats, review the HMIS Data Exchange Resources. Accessing the Export To...

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  • Customer SQL Data Model

    Welcome to the Clarity Human Services Data Schema Information Page. Table Names clarity_access_roles clarity_access_role_categories clarity_agencies clarity_assessments     clarity_clients clarity_client_addresses clarity_client_assessment_data clarity_client_assessment_demographics clarity_client_assessments_log clarity_client_assessment_scores clarity_client_data   clarity_client_demographics c...

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