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  • [Video] Example Of Xaction Creation

    Example of Xaction Creation This video is a demo of a parametrized xaction creation from end-to-end 

  • [Video] Example Of Report Creation

    Example of Report Creation This video is a demo of a parametrized report creation from end-to-end

  • How Can I Use Parameters Within My Report ?

    Define a parameter To add a parameter to the report, go the the Data tab, right click on parameters then Add Parameter. Define it the way you need to (name, type, etc…) Now, in the Parameter section of the Data tab, the parameter you just added should be listed To confirm it, hit preview. On top you should be prompted to enter the parameter value. This is it. The parameter has been defined. Use of parameters Wit...

  • How Can I Visually Customize The Design Of My Fields ?

    Reports are highly customizable. One can customize each field in the way he wants to. Select the field you want to modify, in the Structure tab, in the Style window, set the parameter you want to the value you want. The + button on the side, gives you the availability to do conditional customization based on a parameters using OpenFormula. For example : According to note parameter, I’d like the text to be red if n...

  • How Can I Access Data From My Report ?

    Datasource Setup On the right-handside of the main window you have two tabs, Structure and Data. Select Data. Within its window right click on Data Sets > JDBC. In the new window (JDBC Datasource Window) on the left side (Connections list) click on the + button. In the window that just opened fill up the following information : Connection name : Clarity Connection Type : MySQL Access : JNDI JNDI name : ...

  • Custom Reports Principles

    Clarity Human Services provides report developers an easy method to create custom reports. In order to so, a developer must be provided with a set of credentials to gain access to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the Remote Desktop environment. If you do not have credentials, please contact your Clarity Human Services software representative. From this environment, one will have access to two different networ...

Report Design

  • Report Design

    All reports available within the Clarity Human Services Report Library have been designed and implemented using the Pentaho© Business Intelligence Suite. If you are looking for resources based on the Data Analysis tool, our easy to use non-developer business user based reporting platform, please visit the Data Analysis page for more information. Experienced developers may use Pentaho© to develop and format custom ...